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History of the Glenelg Pony Club

The Glenelg Pony Club was founded in 1956 on the 26th April, at a public meeting in Coleraine. It was started by Mrs. Keira Foletta, who had moved from Melbourne to a property near Coleraine where her family had a taste of Pony Club.  The first "rally" was held at the Coleraine Show Grounds (home of today's Coleraine Pony Club) during the May school holidays on Wednesday 23rd May, 1956.  It was planned as a fun day for the children, with games and some instruction in safety, care of gear and riding.  The children who attended the first rally were between 5 and 15 years of age.  The second rally was held at Coleraine on 23rd. June 1956.  There were three classes held with a number of new children attending. The third rally was on 21st July, 1956 at Wando Vale, where many more children attended and so the Glenelg Pony Club flourished.

Two "area branches" of the club were formed: one was at Wando Vale and one at Merino-Digby.  The two branches flourished for several years.  Unfortunately in 1960 both clubs had difficulty in continuing and went into recess.  The members from those areas then had to attend rallies at Coleraine. 

When Pony Club began in the 1950s, head wear was not compulsory, except when show jumping when the rider had to wear a hard hat.   The  P.C.A.V. then brought in the rule that "hard hats must be worn at all times when mounted and crash caps must be worn for jumping".  As the parents thought the hard hats and crash caps were far to expensive, they would not bring their children to Pony Club if the rule was enforced!

The colour of the Glenelg Pony Club jumper in 1956 was to be pale blue, however another club had already adopted that colour and so we had to change. Eventually, in 1961 it was written in the annual report by the then District Commissioner Mr. Gardner, that the club colours had been finalised and are now registered with the Pony Club Association of Victoria as Oxford Blue, with a light blue band at the neck, cuffs and waist. 


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